Membership in the Scleroderma Assn. of BC family offers many rewards - not the least of which is the comfort of knowing you are not alone in facing challenges scleroderma may present.

Through the newsletter and the library, you may select self-help techniques and strategies that help relieve stressors. 'Stress' = 'Harm' to scleroderma patients. Our Community Contact program is there to assist those in more isolated areas. No matter where you are located in the province, we try to instil a sense of belonging, of being connected, of having choices.

Our membership fee is $20, being due May 1st of each year. $4 from each $20 BC membership is forwarded in support of the national organization, the Scleroderma Society of Canada. The SSC works on our behalf in many ways, but particularly to promote scleroderma awareness and support research through the Canadian Scleroderma Research Group. The BC Scleroderma group, having helped found and equip the St. Paul's Hospital combined Scleroderma Clinics, continues to support their research carried out by overlapping specialties, under the direction of Dr. Jim Dunne (rheumatology) and Dr. Pearce Wilcox (respirology).

We are truly all-volunteer and continue to strive to make every dollar count!

(Membership fees may be waived for hardship)

Please join us today....patients, family, friends...Together we can make a difference!

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